Our strengths are quality, timeliness and flexibility.

The Company

Mach Aviation was founded in 1987 by Vincenzo Romanella.

Once he left Alitalia, retired at the age of fifty-two, with thirty years of service under his belt in the wheels, brakes and landing gear department, Vincenzo decided to found his first company…


Metrological Laboratory

The metrological laboratory was founded in 1999 following the need to calibrate numerous types of measuring instruments used in maintenance and present in the various departments in order to reduce the machine downtime and obtain a higher quality of service.


Mach Aviation has the following certifications:

EASA – Part 145

European certification issued by ENAC based on community regulations in the civil aeronautical field.


European certification issued by Armaereo based on common European regulations in the military sector.

EN 9110

Certification of the Quality Management System issued by RINA.


Certification by the civil aviation authority of the United States of America on the basis of bilateral agreements with the European Community.

Our Customers

A fleet of 8 vehicles that move both on the national and international market