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Available starting in July, the new 5 Helium Plus and 55 Helium Plus will play in the same sandbox as the Moto E (second-gen) and other entry-level devices. Save for a few differences, the two phones feature nearly identical hardware. Both phones have a 1GHz quad-core Mediatek processor, a 13-megapixel rear camera, and 8GB of internal storage. Additionally, the pair pack in 4G LTE connectivity and a 5-megapixel front-facing shooter. Oh, and they come unlocked with support for two SIM cards. So what's the difference? The 5 Helium Plus comes with a 5-inch 720p HD display, while the 55 Helium Plus plumps up with a slightly larger 5.5-inch screen. Also, the smaller one totes a 2,000mAh battery whereas its sibling has a larger 2,400mAh power source.

While neither device is going to set the world on fire, the price points are right in line with the hardware, At $110 for the 5-inch device and $140 fro the 5.5-inch one, the new Archos phones are worthy alternatives to the recently launched Blu Studio C, Available in July, the wallet-friendly handsets run Android 5.0 iphone screen protector shatterproof and come in 5-inch and 5.5-inch options, In what's fast becoming a trend, Archos has announced a pair of budget-minded Android 5.1 smartphones to be sold direct to consumer, Of course, this has been the Archos way of doing things all along..

You're sitting back with nothing to do. You're enjoying your Google self-driving car maneuvering you at the speed limit down the highway. So much so that you yawn. The car drives past a billboard advertising lingerie. You hear a sudden ping! Then your car announces: "You've been working long hours lately. Isn't it time you bought your lover a nice bustier at Agent Provocateur?"This is a Googlie dream. At least that's what Audi CEO Rupert Stadler seems to think. As Bloomberg reports, Stadler had Google's executive chairman in close proximity as he mused at a German industry event on Tuesday: "A car today is a second living room -- and that's private."Google is currently cozying up to German carmakers, who do make desirable machines. Naturally, Google would adore it if these desirable machines were outfitted with Google's desirous software.

However, iphone screen protector shatterproof Germans have a very particular view of privacy, They quite like it, To understand some of the history behind this affection, please watch "The Lives Of Others," one of the finest movies of this century, Stadler allowed that the Web, cookies and other means of collecting data are "common courtesy." But for his company, a car should offer a certain sanctity, I contacted Google to ask for its reaction and to inquire whether it does have plans to offer advertising in its self-driving cars, The company had no comment..

No one should be surprised if Google did indeed have plans. A company that is, in essence, financed by advertising is surely going to seek every possible way to maximize its profits, so that it can make more self-driving cars. Of course, we ought already have some small sense of what this brave new adworld might feel like. Who hasn't stepped into a cab in, say, New York and been assailed by a screen offering all sorts of ads, coupled with local news shows?. Is this a pleasant experience? Is it a sort of welcome from a city that isn't yours? Perhaps. But how would you feel if it was happening every day?.

For those who still enjoy actually holding a steering wheel and experiencing a little freedom as they drive, the sudden interruption of ads might be a painful intrusion, For those slouching back and relaxing as the Google car takes them to their destination, perhaps they'll see the ads as just another small step in ceding control to the machines, After all, who doesn't love ads in their Gmail?, Update, 4:14 p.m, PT: Adds Google iphone screen protector shatterproof declining to comment, Technically Incorrect: Google will know where you go, so what better way to get you to shop?..

On Sunday evening, a man in St.Petersburg, Russia was said to have been throwing things out of his apartment window. Police were called. As Sputnik News reports, they arrived to discover the man had actually thrown furniture. Then he did something even more damaging. To himself, that is. The site quotes a local police report: "A 41-year-old unemployed man was found in the apartment, who resisted arrest when apprehended by police, after which he continued to conduct himself inappropriately and began to demonstratively eat the broken glass and plastic of his tablet."This is not a good idea. Putting any electronics into your mouth is not a good idea.

The police report goes on to explain that iphone screen protector shatterproof the officer at the scene tried to stop the man eating his gadget, However, the report says: "The man lost consciousness and died before the arrival of the medics."It's not known whether the alleged tablet-eating contributed to his demise, The Moscow Times ran a report along similar lines, quoting the Interior Ministry, One should therefore imagine that the story has some truth to it, The police are reportedly conducting an investigation into what happened, and they say the officer who tried to help the man was injured..

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