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The Note S Pen stylus, which is made of polycarbonate plastic, changes a little bit every year. This time around, the stylus audibly clicks into place inside the Note 5's chute like the crown of a retractable pen. It's kind of fun, but the fit is so snug, you have to really tease it out. The plastic pen has long, flat planes to keep it from rolling away on a tabletop. Its single button slightly recesses from the surface to tone down the mispresses, which I've found common in previous S Pen designs.

Important tip: That S Pen can only be inserted in the holder pointy end first, It is not meant to holster on the non-business end, If you iphone screen protector no bubbles try that, bad things will happen, as some users report when their S Pens got stuck with the square end wedged, possibly irretrievably, deep inside the phone, The S Pen continues to act as a writing implement, pointer and navigational accomplice, You can use it to pull up a menu dialog box, or hover to pull up photo or video preview, It also works with those touch-sensitive menu buttons and the physical home button, Dragging and dropping text, and capturing the screen are two other tricks..

Samsung claims that its pen writes a lot better this time around, more fluidly, and with decreased latency times. I didn't notice that, even writing with the same pen and ink "weight" on the Note 5 and Note 4 side by side. I did notice that the 5's S Pen feels a touch lighter, which made for slightly cleaner, easier writing, compared with the Note 4's slightly heavier pen. My handwriting is still barely legible on both. The S Note app itself is greatly simplified, with extra features tucked into the More menu. You can also download a ton more tools, like a chart helper and an extension pack that includes advanced tricks like a heartier toolbar and shape recognition, handwriting "transformation" and the ability to record sketches.

In the app itself, you can customize everything from the way you select color to the way iphone screen protector no bubbles you save favorite combinations of pen tips and ink thickness, As with previous versions, the pen stays sensitive along the corners of the page, and onscreen controls will momentarily disappear so you can continue to write and draw "below" them, Compared with 2014's Galaxy Note 4, the new Note 5 has some additional tricks up its sleeve, Redesigned shortcuts wheel: Called Air Command, this floating icon hangs out on any screen and opens up to reveal a circular menu of most frequently used apps -- say, the S Note app, the browser or your photo gallery, It's always on by default, but you can turn that off in Settings, You can also customize this by adding up to three apps of your choice..

Air Command responds faster these days, which means that if you accidentally click the S Pen button, you can quickly click again to dismiss it without too much interruption. The floating icon doesn't get much in the way, because it only interacts if you tap or click with the S Pen, not your finger. Instant memo: Called "screen off memo" in the settings, this feature lets you create an "action memo" (more like a sticky note) even when the screen is turned off. One caveat: it works only just after pulling out the S Pen, not if the pen has been out for a while. I like this feature -- it adds to the S Pen's ability to really quickly jot a note. You'll need to dip into the settings to toggle it on.

PDF writing: Yep, you can now annotate PDFs by handwriting all over them, just as you can do with a screenshot, Scrolling capture: Instead of taking several screenshots of a long piece of text, the Note 5 will prompt you to capture more of the whole screen, You'll be able to annotate right on the screenshot too, of course, The Galaxy Note 5 runs Android 5.1 Lollipop, bolstered by Samsung's own TouchWiz layer, iphone screen protector no bubbles That means the phone will be able to tie in to Google's wide array of services, such as Google Now, turn-by-turn navigation and access to Google Drive files, But it can also tap into Samsung's own software, all of which customizes the display's look and feel -- like those quick-access toggles in the notifications shade and anything that has to do with the S Pen, Microsoft's One Drive cloud storage app is also onboard (more on this below)..

Alas, while Android 6.0 Marshmallow is just around the corner, its due date to these new Samsung phones is anyone's guess. With the exception of promised monthly security updates, more substantive software updates are on a notoriously slow boat. In addition, Samsung's apps include Note mainstays like S Note and S Health, though the company has really pulled back on its preloaded apps. You'll find a cornucopia of optional add-ons tucked away in various spots throughout the phone, like Galaxy Gifts and Galaxy Essentials.

A quick skip through the settings menu turns up a whole bushel of extra modes iphone screen protector no bubbles and options, like a simplified home screen (Easy mode) and a vault for photos and files you don't want anyone else to see (Private mode), There are also two levels of battery-saver, several gestures and some themes to freshen up the look and feel, You'll even find a user manual, Likewise, pull down the notifications shade for quick-access settings, including a flashlight, You can edit to reorder these, From the home page, swipe right to reveal Flipboard, which you can use to read headline news about your pet topics..

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