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Images were leaked on Twitter on Wednesday purporting to show off the upcoming Microsoft smartphones. The first leak came from Brad Sams, a Microsoft reporter at news site Neowin, that shows an image he said would be known as the Cityman. Evan Blass, who has become a veritable source for product leaks and information, upped the ante by showing off what appear to be official press images of another device to be called the Talkman. Since Microsoft has not confirmed that the images are legitimate, it's impossible to know whether the devices pictured in the photos are the real thing or just concept art. Still, they seem to follow rumors that have already surfaced around Microsoft's plans for new smartphones and appear to be official photos that would typically accompany any product announcement.

Last week, CNET sister site ZDNet's Microsoft expert Mary Jo Foley outlined the company's possible plans for its mobile division, saying that the company is eyeing a potential event for October that would be used in part to announce new smartphones, Foley said that the devices iphone screen protector mirror are currently codenamed Cityman and Talkman and will run on Windows 10 Mobile, Foley's report followed another report in July from Microsoft-tracking site Windows Central, which shared rumor specifications for the Talkman and Cityman, According to that site's sources, the Cityman will feature a 5.7-inch quad-HD display, a 64-bit octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor, and a 20-megapixel camera, Those specs would effectively make the Cityman Microsoft's flagship handset, while the Talkman, which will reportedly come with a 5.2-inch screen and a slightly slower processor, would appeal to customers seeking a mid-range product..

Although the leaked images include no mention of specs, they seem to showcase some of the features expected to come to both devices, including their large screens and matte finish. The smartphones may also come in different colors, with the Talkman featuring both a blue and black backplate in the leaked images. For now, though, until Microsoft says something about the images, their legitimacy should be taken with the proverbial grain of salt. As October fast approaches, it's likely more leaks will showcase Microsoft's upcoming devices, but it's highly unlikely Redmond will confirm anything until its official announcement.

Haier kicked off this social-selling effort last month and has so far recruited 100,000 people to iphone screen protector mirror hawk its products through WeChat's "Weishang," which translates to microbusiness, an e-market function that allows the app's 500 million active monthly users to sell goods to one another, Haier CEO Zhou Yunjie's plan, reported Wednesday by the South China Morning Post, indicates the investment has been fruitful so far for the company, whose tech products include smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, LCD TVs and even an Apple-certified smart air conditioner..

The outcome of this e-commerce strategy could eventually influence similar messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Viber and Kik. Chinese users are able to advertise items they're selling to their WeChat contacts through the app's "Moments" status update function. Authorized Haier sellers receive a minimum commission of 2 percent, according to the Want China Times. There's no start-up cost associated with the practical elements of running a business, as Haier delivers the items sold by the seller directly to the buyer from one of its warehouses.

The company is using Weishang to expand out of China's mainland, where it already has tens of thousands of physical stores, Tencent-owned WeChat is China's biggest messaging app, with more than 500 million monthly active users as of March, That's less than WhatsApp's 700 million, iphone screen protector mirror but more than Kik's 200 million monthly active users and Viber's estimated 249 million, Haier, an electronics giant, is enlisting sellers through WeChat -- with the incentive of sales commissions, Social selling may be the next big wave..

Although the watch is approaching its one-year anniversary, the (currently discounted) Moto 360 is often among the first Android Wear-powered devices to receive software updates. Motorola's early achievement in creating a round-face smartwatch instead of a square one may soon drown in a new wave of fresh, round Android Wear watches, expected to break next week at the yearly IFA electronics conference in Berlin. Motorola's update to its 360, which should also emerge in this early September rush, will face greater competition among this slew of new wearables.

For now, the current 360's update will receive recently announced interactive watch faces, which show information like a step iphone screen protector mirror counter directly on the screen, rather than having to open a separate app to see these details, The update also brings watch-to-watch communication, which lets two Moto 360 owners privately share photos and emojis with each other, and a weather "microapp", which displays a four-day forecast, The Moto 360 also gets smarter, with an update to Google Translate that covers 44 languages..

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