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No, the normal Misfit Shine doesn't have this new software, although Misfit may consider an update to non-Speedo Shines in the future. The Speedo Shine will be available September 1 at Apple Stores, and online at Misfit and Speedo.com. We have an early unit here, but haven't swim-tested it yet; stay tuned for a future review. The Misfit Shine Swimmer's Edition, with added Speedo algorithms that count your laps, arrives September 1. Wearable tech and swimming don't usually team up that frequently. The Misfit Shine is already one of a handful of fitness trackers that can be used while swimming. But Misfit is partnering with Speedo for the Misfit Shine Swimmer's Edition, a version that's had some firmware tweaking.

The search giant has launched a website that helps people decide whether it's worthwhile to install solar panels on top of their houses, To use the service, launched Monday, you start by entering your address, Google then uses images from its mapping satellites to determine things like the orientation of your roof, how much sunlight your area gets throughout the year or what objects, like trees, might get in the way, The tool then estimates iphone screen guard 6s what you could save with solar panels, and offers to connect you to local solar providers, For a finer-tuned estimate, you can enter your average monthly energy bill..

"I've always been surprised at how many people I encounter who think that 'my roof isn't sunny enough for solar,' or 'solar is just too expensive,' Carl Elkin, a Google engineer who leads the project, said in a statement. The move is the latest example of Silicon Valley being enamored with green energy, as it applies its data-driven approach to the sector. SolarCity, whose chairman is Tesla CEO Elon Musk, will spend $5 billion over the next decade on operations from a manufacturing plant in Buffalo, New York. Tech giants like Google, Apple and Samsung have also made bets in smart home initiatives, with Internet-connected appliances and the software that controls them. One of the hopes for that push is that it could save consumers money on their energy bill.

This isn't new territory for Google, either, In 2013, the company acquired Makani, a startup focused on wind energy, for its experimental projects division Google X, Google also iphone screen guard 6s acquired Nest, which makes a smart thermostat and smoke detector, in 2014 for more than $3 billion dollars, The company says the thermostat can cut energy costs by automatically adjusting the temperature of your home when you're away, In June, Nest announced a home insurance program with Liberty Mutual and American Family Insurance to give customers rewards -- like discounts -- for owning a Nest smoke detector..

Google's project isn't the first time someone has tried to make it easier for people to decide on solar technology. In 2008, the company Sungevity released its own service that calculates the cost of solar panels, also based on satellite imagery. For now, the Project Sunroof service is only available in the San Francisco Bay Area, Fresno in Central California and Boston, where the Sunroof team is located. The search company wants to make it easier for people to decide if they want to "go solar" and add the technology to the roofs of their homes.

Google on Monday announced Project Ara, its effort to develop "modular" phones that you can put together piece by piece, would be postposed until some time in 2016, The reason: The company said the device wasn't ready to move beyond its prototype phase, Last week, the company said it was scrapping its planned test launch of the phones in Puerto Rico, though it did not say where the new test would take place or when, Google didn't provide many new details on Monday, but added that it is iphone screen guard 6s looking for possible test locations in the US..

The project is Google's attempt to shake up how we buy our smartphones by utilizing interchangeable parts. That means you could choose a camera from one manufacturer, a display from another, and a processor from yet another hardware maker to build a personalized phone. When, say, the chip that acts as the processing brain becomes outdated, you could swap it out for a new one. The company hopes Ara will speed up development and innovation in the separate components that make up a phone, as hardware makers begin to compete for real estate on a handset.

Google has been steadily expanding the scope of its ambition beyond its dominant search iphone screen guard 6s and advertising business as it tries to find future revenue streams, That has led to investments in driverless cars, Internet-beaming balloons and contact lenses that communicate with computers, The shift in focus became so pronounced that the company last week announced a massive restructuring that separates Google's core products from its experimental projects, But as of now, the Advanced Technology and Projects group, which developed Ara, plans to remain part of Google's core company after the split, a spokeswoman said..

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