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The breadth of companies included in the brief, however, illustrates its unique importance in Silicon Valley. At first blush, many of the companies included in the brief -- most notably eBay -- would seemingly have little interest in a case centered on smartphone design. The companies argue, however, that a court ruling in favor of a company that, they believe, has brought minor patent infringement claims against another could hurt the entire industry. The companies may also be concerned that a ruling in favor of Apple could open them up to their own patent infringement lawsuits.

"The panel's decision in this case regarding the appropriate measure of damages for the infringement of design patents will have significant ramifications for [the companies filing the brief] and the technology industry more generally," the brief reads, The issues with Samsung and Apple date back to 2011 as the companies sued each other in the US, a host of countries in the European Union, and Asia, Both Apple and Samsung argued that the other was violating patents each held related to mobile technology, Over the years, the companies' top products -- including Apple's iPhone and iPad line, as well as Samsung's Galaxy line -- were entangled in the proceedings, Both iphone case zumiez companies hoped to ban the sale of allegedly infringing products and receive damages on their sale..

In the first major decision in the case, Apple was awarded over $1 billion by a jury in 2012. In March 2013, US District Court Judge Lucy Koh argued that the damages assigned by the jury were too high and trimmed $450.5 million from the sum. In November, a jury awarded Apple an additional $290.5 million in damages over alleged infringement, giving the company a total of approximately $930 million in owed damages. The international cases Apple and Samsung were waging were scuttled last year after the companies decided to only face off in US court.

For its part, the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has already chimed in on the Apple-Samsung case, The court upheld earlier rulings in May over Apple's intellectual property, but said that guilty verdicts against Samsung that iphone case zumiez it violated Apple's trade dress -- a legal term that refers to the way a product is packaged or presented -- were inappropriate, The court ordered a lower court to review the $382 million in damages related to trade dress, opening the possibility of those charges eventually being tossed out..

In their brief with the court, the companies argued that the US court "erred" in its decision on all other matters. The companies asked the court to reconsider the appeal and urged it to examine all of the earlier decisions, including those it earlier endorsed. The companies did not refer to another patent infringement case the companies are battling in which Apple has asked the court to force Samsung to remove alleged patent-infringing features from its Galaxy handsets. Despite their ongoing legal issues, Apple and Samsung are still offering new products and competing in the worldwide smartphone market. On Monday, research firm TrendForce revealed that Samsung was the top smartphone maker in the world in the second quarter, nabbing 26.8 percent market share. Apple took the second spot at 16.4 percent share.

Neither the companies nor the court immediately responded to a request for comment, Along with eBay, Dell and HP, the tech iphone case zumiez giants have filed a legal brief arguing that if the current court decision stands -- particularly, the damages -- it could have a "devastating impact" on the industry, Some of the technology industry's biggest companies have filed a motion with a US court to support Samsung in its ongoing patent battle with Apple, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

A patent application dubbed "Fine-tuning an operation based on tapping," which was approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office on Tuesday, describes a unique method for moving objects on a touchscreen that doesn't actually require you to touch the screen. Instead, you would actually tap the side of the device to move a cursor, selected text and other small items a specific amount of space, as tiny as a single pixel. Apple and other mobile device makers have long offered the ability to cut or copy and paste text. To do this, you can use your finger to zoom in on the text you wish to select, then expand or shrink the highlighted text, and then finally delete or move that text. But that type of operation doesn't always go smoothly because your fingers are typically too large to perform such a granular task. So selecting text is more frustrating than it should be. Apple's patented solution would remove the need to place your big finger on the touchscreen in the first place.

Here's how it would work: Let's say you want to select a specific section of text, With the cursor placed in the right spot, you'd iphone case zumiez tap the side or another non-touchscreen area of the device, Each time you tap the side, the cursor could move one character, thereby expanding the selection of the text on a more precise and granular level, Tapping the right side of the device would move the cursor to the left, while tapping the left would move the cursor to the right, Further, your device would react differently based on how hard you tap the side, Tap lightly, and the selection could move one character, Tap more strongly, and the selection might move an entire word, The concept could also extend to icons and other graphical elements that you want to move more slowly and precisely..

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