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The cases are available in two materials, both 3D-printed -- one in black plastic and another in copper, which uses a blend of copper and plastic for both strength and flexibility. "I found out through a friend that it was now possible to make the case out of 3d printed copper. It has just enough plastic in the blend to be flexible, but just enough copper so that it is clearly a metallic case. It really goes together quite nicely on these phones," Staebell said. It's such a beautifully simple solution, it's a wonder no phone integrates something similar into its design -- but, as Staebell said, while the Greatest Case prevents you from dropping the phone by providing a better grip, it's also protection in case you drop it anyway.

"The majority of broken iphone case tech 21 screens occur because the phone hits one of the corners and shatters it, There are a whole line of cases now that are designed to just protect the corners," he said, "So since our case also protects the corners and back, it will provide the same amount of security against shattered screens, If the user also used a screen protector with this case, then they would have total protection."The case is currently being offered as a reward for a pledge of $29 for the black version and $39 for the copper version, Head on over to the Kickstarter page to pledge your support..

Engineers and marketers like to think they think different. In their deeply rational minds, engineers fancy that they have concrete answers, while marketers have concrete in their brains. Rarely has this been presented more succinctly than by a video that shows an engineer trying to keep his head while all around him windy lunacy prevailed. Marketers, on the other hand, believe that engineers understand everything but people, which is why without marketers the commercial world would collapse overnight.

When it comes to Apple, there's long been a perception among some engineers that the company's products are simplistic from an engineering point of view, while marketers drool over the simplicity and beauty and general air of magical revolution, I was moved iphone case tech 21 to a giggling snort or two, therefore, by numbers provided exclusively to me by a company called Owler, This concern offers free competitive intelligence about companies so that you can be more competitive and intelligent, (I assume.), Owler sometimes asks a portion of its users -- who are grouped by profession -- certain questions, On March 19, with the launch of Apple Watch still making wrist-hairs twitch, it received replies to a poll from some 1,000 engineers and 8,000 marketers to see what they thought of Apple, its horological wonder, CEO Tim Cook and the future..

It won't make a single eyebrow rise to hear that 85 percent of marketers offered a positive view of Cook. Apple has long been regarded (by engineers as well as marketers) as a triumph of marketing over more rational endeavors. Eighty-three percent of the marketers believe that Apple's stock will continue to head toward heaven. Fifty percent think the Apple Watch is absolutely, positively worth its $349 price tag. A giddy 11 percent said they'd buy it. I wish the engineers had seen these numbers. (Hopefully now they can.) I fear they would have endured paroxysms of derision.

You see, 50 percent of the engineers Owler polled expressed a negative view of Cook, Fifty-seven percent believe that Apple's stock is destined hellward rather than toward heaven, The amusement, though, had only just started, A fulsome zero percent said that the Apple Watch was worth the money, Yes, none, Not one, Zippo, An astoundingly consistent zero percent declared they'd buy it, Clearly, these figures might suggest that when intelligent people answer poll questions, they find joy in ridicule, They might also suggest that all research is ultimately futile because it's performed in an atmosphere of at least 1 percent theory, Research iphone case tech 21 sometimes has all the steady consistency of a herniated belly-button..

I find it hard to believe, though, that every one of these engineers was in strange masonic cahoots with every other. I asked Owler to check whether another digit had been missed from the percentage. I am assured, however, that these are the precise numbers. Is there any sure reason why so many would be skeptical about Cook's prowess? He has led Apple with a calm assurance, allowing its ethos to evolve and new products to appear. Many believe he's done a very good job of it. Are these engineers skeptical on principle? Even if the Apple Watch is an uproarious success, will they still grumble, as only engineers can?.

Just last week, I had dinner with a marketer and an engineer, (Not at the same time, you understand, That would have been unbearable.), The marketer explained to me that the Apple Watch was an absolute must for him, Why? So that he can discreetly check on his messages in long, dull meetings, Pulling iphone case tech 21 one's phone out while yawning is, apparently, not de rigueur, The engineer on the other hand stared at me balefully and grunted into his omakase: "I'll wait for version 2.0."I feel sure that some engineers will leap to version 1.0, Engineers want to be cool these days..

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