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"We'd rather not build something that we think is not going to be good for our industry," he says. "We will not do something that looks ridiculous."What's considered "ridiculous" or unacceptable, however, will always differ from one individual to the next. For Messing, it's a two-headed palm; for a city, it may be a piece of loose cabling; and for a country, it's an unlit flagpole. But because cell towers are so necessary in what they do, and their current technology restricts how they can look for now, no one can speak in absolutes. When keeping up a charade, compromises need to be made somewhere -- even if that means a humming pine tree in the middle of an open trail.

This story appears in the fall edition of CNET Magazine, For other magazine stories, go here, From CNET Magazine: Carrier cell sites live on top of buildings, inside forest groves, or right next to your bus stop, Sometimes these giant antennas are too obvious to ignore, but other times they're entirely undetectable, In Pleasanton, California, a waist-high wooden fence marks the beginning of the Iron Horse Regional Trail, a serene pathway popular with joggers and bikers, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our iphone case purse discretion..

On September 8, Microsoft announced that Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Avanade/Accenture all will be reselling its Surface Pro tablets, and supplementing them with enterprise-grade services and apps. These vendors are the first three participants in Microsoft's new Surface Enterprise Initiative, which is focused on furthering business adoption of Surfaces running Windows 10. More partners may be coming, Microsoft officials said. Dell will begin offering the Surface Pros and related accessories, including docking stations, covers and pens, to its customers in the US and Canada in early October. Dell will sell the Surface Pro tablets alongside its own Venue Pro and Latitude tablets, which are also aimed at business users. Later this year, Dell will also sell Surfaces via its Dell.com/Work site.

In early 2016, Dell will start selling Surface tablets in the remaining 28 markets worldwide where the tablets are currently sold, In addition to selling the Surface Pro hardware, Dell also will offer tablet customers the option to iphone case purse purchase additional Dell Services, including Dell Hardware Warranty (up to four years), ProSupport with Accidental Damage Service, and Configuration and Deployment Services, Dell launched ProSupport Plus, a service plan that covers PCs and tablets and aims to use predictive monitoring to head off and resolve issues, in February 2015..

Specifics about HP's plans and timing are still to come. Consultancy Accenture and its Avanade joint venture with Microsoft already have built hundreds of apps for Windows enterprise customers, said Brian Hall, Microsoft's general manager for Surface. Microsoft is counting on Accenture to help build more universal apps for Windows 10 for business users, he said. Microsoft announced in July that it was expanding the number of distributors authorized to carry its Surface tablets from a few hundred to a couple of thousand.

It's not just availability of the hardware that has been a limiting factor for some business users, Enterprise customers also have "a certain level of expectations of support," Hall said, including things like 24/7 service-level agreements and multinational sales support across geographies, That's where these new Surface Enterprise Initiative partners will come into play, he said, Microsoft executives also reiterated as part of today's announcements that Microsoft has more business-focused features and services coming for Windows 10, The Enterprise Data Protection technology that's aimed at helping stem data leaks is on track for this fall, as are Passport secure authentication and Windows Store for business, which will provide business users iphone case purse with a way to distribute their own apps to their employees..

Microsoft plans to roll out these business-focused features to its Windows Insiders as part of coming test builds of Windows 10 "Threshold 2" later this month, officials said. This story originally posted as "Dell, HP to resell Microsoft's Surface Pro tablets" on ZDNet. Microsoft expands distribution of its Surface Pro tablets and makes enterprise services for them available via new partnerships with Dell and Hewlett-Packard. A day ahead of Apple's expected launch of new iPads for business users, Microsoft is out to show that it has an established and growing business presence with its Surface Pro tablets.

That's what they're getting with the new G-Steel line, which is just hitting stores now and starts at $280 (£250 UK), The series comes in both stainless steel and resin bands and is shock resistant (of course), 200M water iphone case purse resistant and solar powered, so you don't have to worry about battery life unless you live in a cave, I got an early look at the new line, and while it isn't quite as swanky as the MT-G or high-end MR-G (made out of lighter weight titanium) lines and is missing the automatic GPS time-setting feature -- Casio calls it GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor -- it costs significantly less, I also like that it has some digital elements..

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