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Back on the home screen, a swipe on the touchscreen to the left or right will bring up the different widgets you have installed: thing of them as quick-glance features for seeing things like the weather, email notifications, and activity tracking. The default home screen shows the time and day, along with a small battery icon. The default widgets display daily activity information, the weather, music controls, a calendar, and smartphone notifications. There's also a widget for Garmin's VIRB sports camera, which allows you to start and stop recordings and snap pictures on the camera all from your wrist. Additional apps, widgets, watch faces can be added or removed through Garmin's Connect IQ storefront, which I will get into a little bit later.

From a design standpoint, the Vivoactive is brilliant, From a software standpoint, it feels almost like a beta product, Garmin has issued iphone case handle a few software updates since I began testing the Vivoactive and things have gotten a bit better, but there are still a number of problems that need to be ironed out, On quite a few occasions the Vivoactive would completely freeze (forcing me to restart it) or the touchscreen wouldn't respond to my taps and swipes, I also had problems with my phone randomly disconnecting and reconnecting, I tested the Vivoactive with an iPhone 6 Plus , HTC One M9 and HTC Desire Eye , While recent software updates have improved connectivity over the past couple of weeks, I still experience random disconnects and syncing problems at least once or twice a week..

Aside from the glitches and technical problems I experienced, the software just seems a little too basic when compared with other smartwatches. For example, one area that bugged me was the music controls. While you can pause, play and skip songs, it doesn't show you the title or the artist of the song playing, which is a feature found in cheaper smartwatches like the Pebble . The notifications displayed from your smartphone are also very basic and can't be interacted with. You can't reply to emails or text messages, let alone dismiss them from your wrist. To do this, you must take out your smartphone and clear them from the notification bar.

The Apple Watch Series 3 offers built-in cellular for data and even phone calls, It works., After a month with the Fitbit Versa, we're looking past its limitations and finding there's., Weeks-long battery, always-on screen, and yeah, $80, This slim "smart" activity tracker features GPS, a heart-rate monitor, color touch-screen., It’s got everything you’d expect from a smartwatch, iphone case handle including cellular connectivity --., The Good The Vivoactive has an ultraslim design, good battery life and an always-on color display that shines in outdoor performance, It has vibration and notification alerts from your smartphone, activity tracking with auto-adjusting goals, multisport tracking through GPS, and can be worn in the shower and the pool..

The Bad The Connect IQ app store is lacking, Garmin's mobile app is dated and sleep tracking is unimpressive. The watch software and smartphone connectivity can also be unstable, requiring frequent reboots. The Bottom Line The ultraslim design and laundry list of features can't overcome the buggy software. Once Garmin fixes these problems, the Vivoactive could be a good product, but until then, there are better options available. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Also, Quirky's Wink Hub has become a headache for some owners, The smart-home control hub iphone case handle stopped working for some customers, and the company is mailing out replacements, CNET Update delivers the tech news you need in under three minutes, Watch Bridget Carey every afternoon for a breakdown of the big stories, hot devices, new apps, and what's ahead, Subscribe to the podcast via the links below, iTunes (HD) | iTunes (SD) | iTunes (HQ) | iTunes (MP3), RSS (HD) | RSS (SD) | RSS (HQ)| RSS (MP3), Google's smartwatch software update introduces new features to battle the Apple Watch, Meanwhile, a Quirky security measure bricks its smart-home Wink Hubs, Oops..

Some reach their calling late in life. Steve Ballmer appears to have reached peak ululating. In times gone by, he was famous for leaping around a stage to motivate developers. He prayed that they would do something that would make Microsoft happy. Now, he is the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, a team with some dubious characters and a penchant for brawn above subtlety. Yes, it's not only dogs that resemble their owners. Last night, the Clippers outhustled and outmuscled the far more sophisticated San Antonio Spurs in game 1 of the NBA playoffs.

This gave the former Microsoft CEO the chance to release the beast within, His eyes bulged, His mouth opened to the wingspan of a pterodactyl, His commitment spewed over the Staples Center, until it surely engulfed all who were there, The Clippers won, but Ballmer has only just begun, Unlike developers conferences, NBA games come up every other night, This gives us all hope that he will regale us with new emotive ballet for every occasion, What if his team is in a close game and a call goes against them? Will Ballmer rush the court and scream right in the face of the refs iphone case handle until their senses are deafened? What if the Clippers win in a come-from-behind spectacular? Will Ballmer's body defy all known principles of gravity and describe two directions simultaneously?..

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