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Unlike services like Apple Pay and Google Wallet (which use your phone), all-in-one cards or "smart cards" embrace a familiar medium -- the plastic credit card -- and turn it into an all-in-one payment solution. Smart credit cards primarily offer convenience while maintaining security. Instead of carrying a dozen cards (including gift and rewards cards), all your payment options are tidied up into one dynamic card. Since many merchants aren't yet equipped to accept contactless payments like Apple Pay and Google Wallet, a smart card is one way to consolidate your wallet until merchants catch on.

It works like this: a card -- not unlike the form factor of magnetic stripe cards you currently carry -- is embedded with a Bluetooth connection, which it uses to act as a variety of cards, That smart card can act as your mileage rewards card, your debit card, and even your in-store club card, Since Coin's introduction in 2013, at least three comparable solutions have entered the space: Swyp, Stratos and Plastc, You'll have to wait iphone case drop proof to get them, though, Plastc, Swyp, Stratos and Coin are currently taking pre-orders-- but if it sounds like an appealing alternative to mobile payments, getting one of these cards might be worth the the wait..

I reached out to four card makers, and none but Stratos could provide review units. The companies are either committing to giving their early backers the first units, or aren't ready for distribution just yet. Once more review units are available, we'll do a real-world road test. Until then, we know enough about how these cards work and what they do to give you a comprehensive comparison. The selling point on smart credit cards is that they offer convenience. Instead of crowding your wallet with many cards (including gift cards and club cards), one digital card represents them all.

Stratos, Coin, Swyp and Plastc achieve this in an unexpected way, When you receive one of these cards, it comes with a magstripe reader that looks a lot like the Square or PayPal card readers, Once iphone case drop proof you've confirmed your identity, you'll be able to add your "old school" cards to the smart card's app by swiping them through the card reader, (More on this under "Security.") Then, using Bluetooth, the app loads that information onto your smart credit card, How can one magnetic stripe act as many different cards? Like this: When you select the card you want to use, an induction coil embedded within the card sends a signal that re-programs the magnetic strip..

Some of these cards offer more than just convenience. For instance, the accompanying Plastc app can also act as a place where you can manage your budgets and keep track of all transactions in one central place, much like Mint.com. Stratos, Swyp, and Plastc will offer tokenization eventually, a feature that masks your credit card's identity for each transaction, preventing your true account number from being exposed during a credit card data breach. (Plastc and Swyp plan to add this feature as an update after the initial launch.).

These cards can be updated with iphone case drop proof over-the-air updates, so expect more features to be added as smart card makers look for ways to make their product stand out from the rest, They're just like any other credit card, so you should be able to use them everywhere, right? Almost, Most of the credit cards in your wallet are actually equipped with two magnetic stripes, called "Track 1" and "Track 2." You can't see them -- they're usually masked under what looks like a single stripe, Track 1 is primarily used for your name, while Track 2 is used for your credit card number..

If a credit card contains both tracks, then your card will be accepted universally. But, if the card only contains one track (Track 2), then some credit card terminals might not be able to read it. Coin only employs one track, and provides a list of major retailers where its card is not accepted. When asked if and when the card would be updated to include both tracks, Coin did not respond. This isn't necessarily a deal-breaker, but definitely something that might affect a seamless transition from your current card to a smart card. Plastc, Swyp, and Stratos all use both tracks, ensuring your card will be accepted everywhere you go.

And, yes: smart cards can be used with ATMs, Just like picking a card out of your wallet, you'll need to choose a card at the cash register, Stratos, Coin, Plastc, and Swyp want to make this process as fluid as possible so that using their smart cards are just as easy as the way you pay for things now, The method is a little different for each card, and while we haven't had a chance to do a real-life test, here's what we know, Because this is an entirely new concept and product category, all four makers are taking a very careful approach iphone case drop proof to how your cards are stored, programmed and kept secure, Before we dive into card-specific approached, here's how (generally) all four cards work from a security perspective..

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