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This one isn't out quite yet, so consider this a sneak peek. Catalyst makes waterproof cases for the iPhone, but this fall it will release what's billed as the "first waterproof case for the Apple Watch."The case, which comes in a few different color options and is available for preorder now, is designed to "meet or exceed IP68 standards for waterproof protection and MIL SPEC standards for drop protection."Will Lifeproof do a waterproof Watch case? So far, no. See more pricing and info for the Catalyst Waterproof Watch case.

These won't be just iphone case deals watches: they'll include connected bracelets for men and women, as well as connected watches and this full round-screen Android Wear watch, According to Fossil's Greg McKelvey, Fossil will also be making connected watches for Michael Kors and Kate Spade, Shown off for a few moments at the developer conference, the first Fossil Android Wear watch looks from a distance like the Moto 360, LG Watch Urbane, Huawei Watch and other gleaming round watches, More details, including features, price and the actual watch name, will be revealed down the road..

Intel and Fossil unveil Fossil Connected Accessories, including watches and bracelets, on their way soon. We've finally gotten a glimpse of what Fossil's long-awaited Android Wear watch will look like. And, it looks like a lot of other Android Wear watches. Intel already has already made several splashes in wearable tech, from Barneys jewelry to the still-unreleased Android Wear-powered Tag watch. Fossil has made smartwatches before, too. But now Intel and Fossil are planning a number of wearables with Fossil, called Fossil Connected Accessories, and the details were briefly teased at Intel's Developer Forum keynote.

Since the smartwatch was released in April, potential buyers have been required to set up an appointment to try on an Apple Watch, The process required you to go online to make a reservation at your local Apple Store, where you'd then walk in at the appointed hour, share your name and other contact info with a sales rep, talk to the rep about the watch and actually try it on, Now, Apple has altered the process, 9to5Mac said late Monday, based on information from Apple Retail employees, As of this week, you can take that stroll into an Apple Store without a reservation, sit down with a rep, and try on different models of iphone case deals the watch, Presumably, you can then buy the watch of your choice, assuming it's in stock, Further, customers no longer have to provide contact information to the sales rep, 9to5Mac noted..

The new process sounds like Apple's latest attempt to simplify the process of buying a watch in an attempt to lure more customers. The initial process of obtaining an Apple Watch was slow and awkward; you not only had to make a reservation to check one out but then you still had to order the watch online. As supply has started to meet demand, Apple has opened up the buying process to make it quicker and more streamlined. The new process also conjures up the question of how Apple Watch sales are faring.

Apple has not provided actual sales figures for its wearable, leading to speculation as to whether sales are good, bad or somewhere in between, In July, 27 analysts polled by Fortune predicted sales for the second quarter at 4.1 million units on average, iphone case deals with the lowest estimate at 2.85 million and the highest at 5.7 million, On a conference call with analysts discussing the most recent quarter's results, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that "sales of the Watch did exceed my expectations, despite supply trailing demand at the end of the quarter." Apple Watch sales certainly may have been hurt by a lack of sufficient supply, But the unwieldy reservation and ordering process may have toned down sales as well..

Those of you who walk into an Apple Store should now be able to try on a watch without delay, 9to5Mac said, unless, of course, all the designated smartwatch areas are already taken by customers ahead of you. You can still share your email address and the model Apple Watches that interest you with a store rep. The benefit here is that your preferences can be saved to the wish list in your Apple Online Store account. The Apple Watch is available in three versions: the entry-level Sport version starting at $349, the Apple Watch starting at $549 and the Apple Watch Edition starting at $10,000. Given that range, the watch competes against a variety of products -- other smartwatches, fitness and activity bands, and even high-priced luxury watches.

The $80/£60 Swimmer's Edition looks exactly like the Misfit Shine but costs $10 more (an Australian price hasn't been announced, but £60 converts to around AU$130), What you get is an extra band -- white and black come in the box -- plus a magnetic clip, an Action Clip for swimming and new Speedo-developed firmware that counts laps, This version of Shine is trying to be a better swim tracker, It was tested in Speedo's Aqualab, a research facility iphone case deals where, according to Misfit's press release, the Shine was specifically honed with new algorithms, This version of the Shine, just like previous Shines, is water resistant to 50 meters (165 feet), has LED lights on the top to show goal progress, and has a battery that lasts up to six months..

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