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After all, real life seems to be on the screens. Everyone is there. Everything is there. When you see a little girl say that she plays on her tablet three or four hours a day, you see the future and wonder how much fun it'll be. When you hear about a man's encounter with a bear while he was fishing, that does sound like more fun. This ad is for General Mills' Nature Valley brand in Canada. Food company General Mills is itself discovering a sudden attachment to nature. It recently announced that it's going to remove "all artificial colors and flavors" from its breakfast cereals.

It's easy to fall into a nostalgia about how the past was always somehow more pleasant than our current cruel, connected world, But weren't kids in the older days massively, cataclysmically bored? Didn't they sit around brooding and wishing there was more to do and more to see? iphone case custom Have gadgets merely stepped into that void and helped parents breathe a little while their hyperactive offspring bury themselves in Digiworld? Or are they capturing kids entirely?, Still, when you see (and feel) how attached we've become to inanimate objects that fool us into believing they're full of life, it makes you wonder when was the last time you smelled freshly mowed grass..

I think I'll go outside now. Technically Incorrect: An ad from General Mills examines the different things that kids do now, compared to what their parents and grandparents did. It just might make you weep. Or perhaps not. Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives. Those who grew up when TV screens were as big as an iPad's -- but there were only three channels -- might shed a tear at this. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Evil lurks everywhere, At least that's what my deeply Catholic parents always told me, I'd walk down the street, peering around corners, looking for little red people with horns, In those days, though, there weren't selfie sticks, These iphone case custom things can capture more than meets the human eye, Which is why a piece of footage posted initially by Ecuadorian drummer Diego Miño is holding the world's fascination, Miño attended the pope's mass in Ecuador last week, There were around 1 million people there, As he walked with a GoPro on the end of his selfie stick, a man appears to stalk him from behind..

As multiple news outlets have reported, Miño says that his cell phone was stolen from his pocket. We don't actually see that conclusively in the footage. We see the man grab for something from a jacket tied around Miño's waist. But how odd that having a selfie stick might, in its own twisted way, finally have a purpose. There again, if Miño didn't have the selfie stick, perhaps he'd have had his hands in his pockets. Or he'd have been filming with his cell phone. Sometimes, we have so many gadgets that we don't know which one to pay attention to most.

Turing Robotics' Turing Phone promises "world-class security" in an nigh-impenetrable liquid metal shell, It's pricey -- starting at $610 (£391, AU$798) unlocked -- and will be available for preorder later this iphone case custom month, The Turing Phone has a 5.5-inch display, and feels light and solid in the hand, The phone looks slick, though the "liquidmorphium" frame picks up fingerprints rather readily, You'll charge the phone by way of Turing's "Wallaby Magstream" magnetic charging cable, The Wallaby Magstream looks a lot like Apple's MagSafe 2 charging cable..

The volume controls sit on the right side of the phone. The phone's rear plate isn't actually removable -- this particular prototype has seen a bit of wear and tear. I'm not really a fan of the logo but the chassis looks rather slick, overall. The phone is available in Beowulf (left), Pharaoh (center), and Cardinal (right). I'm partial to Cardinal, myself. There's a 13-megapixel shooter on the rear, and an 8-megapixel camera for selfies up front. The designs are all fairly funky, but the model you pick determines the highlights.

Sure, plastic and rubber tablet cases are reliable, flexible, tech friendly and occasionally even colorful, But are they also adorable? Likely not, These days, people are making tablet covers in every imaginable material, and they're worth a look, Take the Bravest Warriors Catbug iPad case, made from two layers of machine-sewn felt, Oh, the irony: a paper cover for those who have gone paperless, Dutch maker Townshipsmile collects recycled brown paper iphone case custom from a local packaging factory, prints on the paper, and fuses it to a cotton strong enough to stitch, The cover is then treated with a water-resistant spray..

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