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In other words, you can keep your plan, but you can't keep getting $200 iPhones every two years. Great. But what does all this mean for the Verizon customers who are lucky (and persistent) enough to still have an unlimited data plan?. Almost nothing. In the past year or so, Verizon has been cracking down on users with unlimited data plans. In fact, they made it all but impossible to upgrade your device (and pay a subsidized price) without switching to a new plan. I mentioned in this article that the easiest -- but most expensive -- way to upgrade your device while retaining your unlimited data plan was to purchase a phone at full retail price.

Well, now there are no more subsidized devices, and everyone has to buy phones at full retail price, That means there's practically no incentive for you to give up your unlimited data -- and Verizon won't try to force you out, I say "practically" because you won't be eligible to purchase a device under Verizon's iphone case bottle opener new installment plan, You'll need to pony up $600+ to buy a new iPhone instead of paying $25/month for 24 months, But the upfront cost is probably worth keeping your unlimited data, Well, now there's no incentive to give up your unlimited data plan..

Visit manufacturer site for details. In August, Samsung released the Galaxy Note 7, its follow-up to the Galaxy Note 5, to favorable reviews. With its head-turning design, precise stylus and brilliant screen, it shored up the Note 5's few weaknesses, and was praised as Samsung's ultimate phone. Until the devices started overheating and, in some cases, catching fire. After a botched recall and some very negative publicity, in September Samsung stopped production of the Galaxy Note 7. The company earlier had asked carriers around the world to suspend sales of the phone. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has gone further, saying, "Consumers should power down and stop using all Galaxy Note 7s."Our advice: Don't buy a Galaxy Note 7, even if you can still find one. And if you already own one, you should immediately turn it off and exchange it for a phone that isn't a Note 7. All US cellular carriers and Best Buy (among others) will exchange your Note 7 for phones of equal value on the same network. Similar schemes apply in the UK and Australia.

The Galaxy Note 5, which Samsung still sells, however, remains a solid, reliable and nonexplosive phone, Though it doesn't have all of this year's hardware or software enhancements, it features a great camera, a terrific stylus and extensive battery life, And it is safe iphone case bottle opener to own and use, In fact, there is no shortage of terrific alternatives, Apple has released its iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, which take great photos, provide long battery life and deliver fast performance, though they lack some of the Galaxy Note 7's cutting-edge features such as an iris scanner and wireless charging, Google recently released its Pixel phone, And there is Samsung's own Galaxy S7 Edge, which is the most similar to the Note 7, just without the stylus..

Editors' note: The original Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review, first published in August 2015 and updated since, follows. The Galaxy Note 5 is available in gold, silver, white and sapphire black (which looks blue in the light), though not every region carries every color. Prices vary by retailer and country; be sure to check current promotions before you buy. There's no denying that the Note 5 costs a lot, though it varies depending on where you live and where you buy it. That noted, as of October 2015, the 64GB version costs roughly $800 and the 32GB model costs about $700, making the Note 5 more expensive than the $649 64GB iPhone 6 Plus and the $749 64GB 6S Plus. The Note 5 is cheaper than the S6 Edge+, however; you'll pay even more for that curved display.

Compared to other large-screen models, like the 5.5-inch LG G4 or 5.7-inch Moto X Pure, the Note 5 is straight-up pricey, Like the Galaxy S6, the Note 5 has straight sides and a flat face but also the Edge+'s frontal curves along the back, From what I can tell holding them side by side, the curves are the same, Checking out its profile, iphone case bottle opener these comfortable rear arcs cause the Note 5's top and bottom edges to flare out thicker than its middle, It'll still fill your hand -- this is a large device -- but the overall sensation is still of slimness, especially compared with the relatively bulky Note 4..

Although that AMOLED display still measures 5.7 inches, Samsung has shaved down the Note 5's dimensions, making the handset feel overall sleeker and slimmer than last year's Note 4. That's good news for one-handed phone jockeys, who get the same screen real estate in a more streamlined package. The 2,560x1,440-pixel resolution (515 pixels per inch) holds steady from last year, lending a lot of crisp detail to the screen, possibly even more than we strictly need. Below the display, the usual two soft keys (recent apps and back) sandwich the physical home button, which also serves as the phone's fingerprint reader and Google Now call-up (press and hold for Google Now, the search giant's voice-command answer to Apple's Siri). You'll find the power/lock button on the right and volume rocker on the left. Along the bottom are the standard Micro-USB charger (alas, not USB-C as we had hoped), headset jacks and S Pen holster, with the SIM card tray up top.

On the flipside, you'll see the 16-megapixel camera lens, flash and heart rate reader, A unibody device, it has no removable backplate or battery and you won't find an expandable storage iphone case bottle opener slot anywhere, Prepare for your smudgy fingerprints to bloom all over that mirrored surface, and keep a microfiber cloth nearby, One last, infuriating thing I've noticed in all these years of testing: That power/lock button on the right likes to turn itself on in my purse's interior phone pocket, draining battery willy-nilly, I keep hoping Samsung will work this out, but so far no dice..

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