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And there's also Google Wallet, the service built by the search giant whose Android operating system runs the vast majority of Samsung's mobile devices. By introducing its own service instead of pushing Google Wallet, Samsung is again pitting itself against an important and powerful partner. But it's vital for Samsung to find a way to set its devices apart from all the other Android smartphones on the market. "The key here is differentiation," Injong Rhee, the head of Samsung's mobile payments and enterprise businesses, said in an interview.

As Rhee noted, Samsung's move into mobile payments marks the latest step in the company's efforts to create new software and services offerings, As the company faces iphone 8 screen protector youtube slowing device sales -- and as smartphones become commoditized -- Samsung has to find new sources of revenue, It has struggled with its own software features, though, instead opting to partner with companies such as Slacker and M-Go or buying companies, including its purchase last year of SmartThings, Samsung first started talking to LoopPay in 2013 and made a strategic investment in the company last summer, It ultimately decided to buy the company a few months ago after "it became very obvious to us how unique the opportunity was for us to do even more things together by deeply integrating our perspective strengths in mobile hardware and their mobile payments," Eun said..

The deal for LoopPay comes only a few months after Samsung rival Apple launched Apple Pay with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus . Apple Pay currently works with about 750 banks and credit unions and at more than 200,000 payment kiosks. And just three months after launch, Apple Pay made up more than $2 out of $3 spent on purchases using contactless payment across the three major US card networks, Apple CEO Tim Cook said last month. Cook called 2015 "the year of Apple Pay."Samsung has already dipped its toes into the mobile payments area with its Samsung Wallet app. The Samsung Wallet is similar to Apple's Passbook app in that it simply lets you store coupons, tickets and boarding passes. Samsung also offers a feature through which you can pay for Galaxy Store apps by means of a single click without the need for a credit card.

The South Korean electronics giant has much bigger ambitions for mobile payments than simply storing user membership and loyalty iphone 8 screen protector youtube cards, Rhee said, It wants to provide everything related to money transactions and offline and online payments, as well as storing gift cards and membership and loyalty cards, he said, LoopPay's technology fits well with Samsung's strategy by working with existing POS terminal infrastructure without making hardware or software modifications, Rhee said, And Samsung will be able to incorporate its security features from its Knox platform, he said..

LoopPay "solves the availability problems and accessibility problems [associated] with mobile payments," Rhee said. "Compared to [NFC], it actually gives us much more, bigger coverage."Updated at 4:30 p.m. PT with comments from Samsung executives and additional background information. Apple Pay is off to a fast start, but LoopPay may have an edge when it comes to working with existing point-of-sale systems. Samsung has acquired mobile payments startup LoopPay, as good a sign as any that it will soon launch a competitor to Apple Pay.

Samsung's new Galaxy S6 will be a wonderful phone, Unless it's disappointing, It'll have exciting new features, Unless they're all fairly useless to the average human being, It's bound to look and feel different, Unless, in fact, it'll have a feel that's a little too samey, This is the glory of iphone 8 screen protector youtube not knowing exactly what will be unveiled on March 1 at Mobile World Congress, There's a need, though, to ratchet up the hype, So Samsung has peppered its Twitter feed with a couple of teaser videos to keep your emotions simmering..

One, released yesterday, offers a deep, almost Microsoftian philosophy. "The faster I am, the more that gets done," says a deeply confident voice. I worry that this isn't necessarily true. I am #TheNextGalaxy. See how I give more time to others at #Unpacked.https://t.co/zfYs03p90P. For myself, the faster I am, the more likely it is that I'll make mistakes. The faster I run, the more out of breath I get. So what sort of speed is Samsung teasing here? Is this stepping onto Microsoft's suddenly hallowed territory of productivity?.

Will this phone simply work at lightning speeds -- at least for the first few weeks before, as with all phones it seems, it slows to a sedate pace?, All Samsung will reveal for now is that its new phone will iphone 8 screen protector youtube help you "give more to others." Because, at heart, we're all altruists desperate to get our self-centered noses out of our phones, A second tease, released last week, insisted that the next Galaxy would reveal "great vision" and a "unique view."When the phone is finally revealed, perhaps we'll all forget the life-changing promises that were made..

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