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The brainchild of Adrien Guilmineau, 20, studying international business at the University of Warwick in the UK, and 21-year-old co-founder and fellow classmate David Linderman, Tinbox is designed to encourage people to donate to a good cause without even having to actually spend their own money. While users of the app (around 500 private beta testers at the moment) decide on the charity their dollar a day supports, the actual money will be entirely financed by companies that work with Tinbox. Guilmineau drew his inspiration from the Ice Bucket Challenge, which went viral last year as people dared friends, family, colleagues and even rivals to either suffer an ice-cold dousing or give money for research into amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. By the end of the year, people around the world had donated more than $220 million, less than five months after ALS sufferer Pete Frakes first posted the challenge on his Facebook page.

"The [Ice Bucket] Challenge made me realize that a lot of people who really care about causes don't have the money to donate," iphone 7 screen protectors amazon said Guilmineau, Tinbox and a growing list of other apps, such as Charity Miles, Google's One Today and ResQWalk, aim to encourage charity by giving people a dead-simple way to make small, regular donations, And then there's Dollar a Day, an online fundraising platform co-created by Kickstarter founder Perry Chen that makes it easy for people to donate -- you guessed it -- $1 to nonprofit organizations, For donors, it's automated: Everybody gives $1 per day, every day, Critics may carp that such contributions are mere peanuts, but the accumulation over time does take on some heft, While Dollar a Day donors spend less than the price of a cup of coffee on charity each day, the monthly contribution equates to more than the cost of a monthly Netflix subscription, Since 2014, Dollar a Day has raised $263,000 for charity..

Free mobile app Pledgeling, a Los Angeles startup, operates similarly by encouraging donors to give micro-donations, while also aiming to help users consolidate all of their charitable contributions in one place. Such apps and services are an offshoot of society's on-demand life. But instead of catering to our whims or solving first-world problems (like wanting your Uber ride now) with just a few taps on a smartphone, these charitable-giving apps take advantage of technology to make it more impulsive to do good. They make charity instant, easy, social and affordable. And there's another common thread among these apps: crowdfunding. Whether it's crowdfunding small, regularly paid amounts of money among app users, crowdfunding corporate sponsorship money, or a combination of both, these apps rely on technology to reach the masses.

Americans are giving more now than at any time over the past six decades -- an estimated $358.38 billion to charity in 2014, jumping 7.1 percent compared to 2013, according to a June 16 report from the Giving USA Foundation -- and that's good news for these apps, Charitable giving has been spurred by the convenience of iphone 7 screen protectors amazon technology, such as mobile apps, catering to people on the go, said Patrick M, Rooney, associate dean of academic affairs and research at the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, which researches and writes the Giving USA report, He predicts that although online giving -- through apps, for example -- represents only about 10 percent of total giving at the moment, that percentage will double and possibly triple within five years..

He cites the Blackbaud Index, which tracks charitable-giving rates in the United States and Canada as evidence -- in 2014 alone it grew 2.1 percent, but its online giving index grew 8.9 percent. While Rooney notes this index is not a reflection of the total philanthropy in the US, it is suggestive of the growth of online giving in comparison to other, more traditional forms, such as mailing a check. Available in private beta on Apple's iOS and Google's Android mobile software as of last week, and due to be available for download by the general public in September, Tinbox is designed to let users select a charity to which they'll donate $1 daily -- nothing more, nothing less -- without having to spend any money of their own. Instead, funding for the app is meant to come entirely from corporate sponsors. For now, users can give to various projects related to homelessness in the San Francisco area, where Tinbox is focusing its efforts after moving to an office there from Guilmineau's UK dorm room.

Its founders say that users who want to get on the app can sign up now on Tinbox's website, and they will be the first to be notified when the app is available for download in September from the App Store/Google Play store, A total of 5,000 people have signed up for the notification so far, "Our goal is to engage with the local community, ., Homelessness is a big issue in San Francisco," Guilmineau said, adding that he aims to expand to other regions, keeping all projects geographically focused, Later this year, the plan is to roll out another project focused on raising money for people who live in rural iphone 7 screen protectors amazon Bangladesh, helping them with basic healthcare support on a floating hospital..

If you sign up, Tinbox will send you a push notification each day saying that you have $1 available for you to donate from a company. So the entire donation process -- from opening the app to clicking on where you want your $1 to go -- takes less than 15 seconds. In connection with your donation, you'll be able to ask people through Twitter or Facebook to help you fund that project or others. In a similar vein, Google's One Today app, which has been around since 2013, aims to get people to donate $1 each day -- through Google Wallet -- to projects that inspire them, all within about 30 seconds. When you download the app the first time, you select from 15 listed causes you care about, including crime, education and the environment, and each day the projects you see are aligned with the causes you've chosen.

One Today lets you set up a match donation to encourage your friends on social media to contribute additional money, The people behind apps like One Today say that the ability to share a donation on social media is essential, The new thinking behind charitable giving: it's not about the amount, it's about the participation, "The ability for people to invite their friends to give and match donations with One Today amplifies the donation's impact and raises awareness about the causes that are important to them," said Erin Daly, product manager of social iphone 7 screen protectors amazon good at Google, "One Today creates a culture of giving every day."During Memorial Day Weekend, the American Red Cross ran a campaign through One Today where people could give $1 to a charity to be matched by software manufacturer SanDisk with an additional $10, $100, or even $1,000, The total amount raised exceeded $50,000..

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