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If you've never played an old-school adventure game like this, you might find the pacing a little slow, the puzzles a little less obvious than what you'd find in, say, modern room-escape games. I also think Grim Fandango benefits greatly from a larger screen; I found it fairly cramped on an iPhone, even one as large as an iPhone 6 Plus. That said, regardless of where you play it and what you're accustomed to, this is a game not to be missed. The updated graphics and sound make it feel like something new, not some old 16-bit rehash. And there's an actual plot here, one infused with humor and pathos. It's what I used to refer to as a play-in-the-bathtub game, something you can really luxuriate in.

Scratch one more title off our list of the best classic games we wish were on the iPad, Grim Fandango for Android and iOS has a price tag of $14.99, but it's on sale for $9.99 (£7.99 or AU$12.99) as part of Double Fine's launch week, The LucasArts adventure classic gets modern graphics and sounds and makes the move to mobile platforms, It's a good month for nostalgia and mobility, First came Cinemaware's Wings Remastered for Android and iOS, iphone 7 case ebay and now developer Double Fine (best known for the modern adventure game Broken Age) has released Grim Fandango Remastered for iOS and Android..

The latest versionof the Gear VR headset only works with Samsung's Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. It's a$200 device (about £115 or AU$230) aimed at developers who are interested intaking the plunge into smartphone-based virtual reality. Thenew headset is about 15 percent lighter than the last model. Tucka Galaxy S6 or an S6 Edge into these notches on the front and the phone willsnap right into place. The straps on the top and sides have been tweaked so the headset is a little more comfortable. You can't wear glasses while you're wearingthe Gear VR headset, but the focus wheel up top lets you adjust the focus to suityour liking.

I was told that it should work for folks who are near-sighted, but you'll likely want to try iphone 7 case ebay it for yourself before you pick up a set of your own, There'sa Micro-USB port on the bottom of the headset but it won't actuallycharge the phone -- it'll just keep the battery from draining, so you can keepplaying for as long as you're willing to be tethered, The headset is powered by software built byOculus, the Facebook-owned VR company that makes the Oculus Rift, You'll be able to purchase apps and games from an Oculus app store..

Ericsson has filed lawsuits against Apple in Germany, the UK, and the Netherlands, alleging that the iPhone maker is violating patents it holds related to wireless communications technology. The lawsuits, which were filed on Friday, followed an attempt by Ericsson to enter into arbitration with Apple to arrive at a decision on patent royalties, the company said. The new lawsuits are just the latest development in an increasingly tumultuous relationship between Apple and Ericsson. In February, Ericsson announced that it had sued Apple in the US for allegedly violating the same patents related to 2G and 4G/LTE standards, semiconductor components, user interface software and other mobile technologies.

At the crux of those lawsuits is a global licensing agreement that was previously in place between Apple and Ericsson, Ericsson's patent portfolio includes over 37,000 patents and the company has iphone 7 case ebay signed more than 100 patent-licensing agreements, With Apple, the company's agreement covered standard-essential technologies, or intellectual property that is required, in general, for the ongoing operation of a business in its respective market, Standard-essential patents are called such by patent-governing bodies and must be offered on "fair, reasonable, and nondiscriminatory" (FRAND) terms in order to ensure proper competition in the marketplace..

The idea behind standard-essential patents is that certain companies develop technologies that become the standard in the marketplace. When that happens, governing bodies, like the International Trade Commission, force patent holders to offer their intellectual property to any and all companies competing in a respective market. In order to maintain competitiveness and not provide the patent-holder with too much control over the market, they are required to offer that intellectual property on a fair basis or face the possibility of losing the patent altogether.

The patents included in the Apple lawsuit are standard-essential and according to Ericsson, the terms of the deal were being offered on a FRAND basis, However, Apple decided not to renew its license to the patents in January, arguing that the terms were incongruous with FRAND terms, The companies held negotiations and Ericsson offered arbitration, but Apple declined those offers, iphone 7 case ebay Ericsson says, That decision to not negotiate came after Apple filed its own lawsuit against Ericsson in a US District Court in January, Apple acknowledged in its lawsuit that it's using technologies that are included in Ericsson's patent portfolio in its iPhone, but said that the wireless company is trying to fetch too much in royalties, Apple said in a statement that it would be "willing to pay a fair price to secure the rights to standard-essential patents," but the company wrote in its lawsuit that the way Ericsson tries to charge for royalties is off, Apple argues that royalties on the patents should be charged based on component costs and not as a percentage of the entire cost of the iPhone, which Ericsson has demanded..

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