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How is the app scoring among users? Quite well. At Apple's App store, only 13 people have reviewed it so far, but collectively they've given it a score of 4.5 stars out of 5. And at the Google Play store, a total of 426 reviews have also earned the app a 4.5 rating. In my brief use of Microsoft Translate, I found the app quick and simple to use. You can easily switch between typing or speaking the words you want translated. You can speak or type your phrase and see or hear the translation in one language. You can then choose other languages to hear the same phrase in a different language. The app did not offer spoken translations in certain languages, such as Hebrew, Thai and Vietnamese. But otherwise, it provided text and speech for most of the languages I chose.

The Microsoft Translator service supports "text to text" translation for over 50 iphone 5 cases target languages, the Microsoft spokesman said, The service provides text to speech capability for a subset of those languages, which is why certain languages do not offer spoken translation, Microsoft continues to work on adding more languages that do support spoken translation, the spokesman added, The new app is covering all the bases, launching for iOS, Android and even the Apple Watch and Android Wear smartwatches, Watch out, Google, Microsoft now has its own translator app available for a variety of devices..

HoloLens -- Microsoft's wild headset that makes hologram-like images feel juxtaposed into actual reality -- is already being "worked on with the NFL," said Jeff Tran, who as director of Sports and Alliances within the Windows devices group is in charge of this NFL partnership. Several NFL teams are already exploring virtual reality training systems, but augmented reality could offer some compelling twists. Yes, it could be used for 3D tabletop play analysis like Microsoft's demo of Hololens Minecraft, said Tran. But it could also end up being explored for fans. "What if you're checking out stats and all of a sudden Russell Wilson jumps at you out of the TV? I'll leave it at that."In the meantime, Microsoft still has some interesting plays for the coming season, on actual sidelines and via the Xbox and Windows 10. The Surface Pro 2 tablets that ended up seeing NFL action all of last season are being replaced by new weather-ready Surface Pro 3 models: they have bigger screens and are lighter to hold. Not much else has changed, but the software running on these tablets will allow for more images on-screen, multiple colors for play mark-ups, and a whiteboard mode for scribbling out ideas between plays.

Microsoft and the NFL will also be exploring use of video replays on the tablets during the iphone 5 cases target preseason, allowing coaches to zoom and even annotate the videos using the stylus, But video replays still won't be tablet-viewable during the games that count, Not this year, anyway, Microsoft's also got a new version of its Xbox One NFL app, and it's making its way to Windows 10 as well in late August, Like last year's app, the Xbox One experience aims to fold live TV fed in through HDMI-in with streaming video, fantasy football stats, and highlights during games, Some of these NFL features require subscriptions to NFL Sunday Ticket or NFL Redzone, The NFL is also launching a $9.99 per month Game Pass service, replacing Game Rewind from last year and offering up Hard Knocks and other shows, The point being: you can watch all this on Xbox One via the app, but you'll have to pay for a lot of it, But everyone will still be able to get game stats, fantasy stats, and game highlights for free..

But the most interesting new feature is Next Gen Stats, which takes advantage of new motion tracker chips embedded in player uniforms during the 2015 NFL season by Zebra Sports Solutions. These trackers measure distance and speed and can essentially record NFL plays in 3D space for posterity. I watched a replay clip with Next Gen Stats, and it basically looked like a Madden game replay but with players replaced by X-and-O icons. You can't see how a ball was caught, but you can zoom in or out and see how a play unfolded and tap player icons to see their speed during plays. A pick-em game that turns this data into an in-season fantasy challenge will be offered to Xbox players, too.

While motion data is being recorded by the NFL continuously, on the Xbox or Windows 10 motion data is limited to the 10-12 replays that the NFL chooses to send per game, But the future potential could be amazing: Madden football, for instance, Microsoft's new NFL app for Xbox One and Windows 10 will arrive in time for this season's kickoff, Microsoft's NFL plans continue to extend on the field, and on Xbox One and Windows 10, We took a look at what's on its way this season, Microsoft's had a year under its belt iphone 5 cases target deploying Surface tablets to NFL sidelines, but the Microsoft-NFL partnership is only growing in 2015, And Microsoft doesn't just want to work with Surface tablets: augmented reality via HoloLens could be next..

No, those photos -- with their fun and funky filters and all -- need to be brought to life in the real world, where they can hang on your wall or in a calendar, or be turned into gifts. I've gathered up a collection of really cool and fun things you can do with those photos from Instagram or elsewhere. Hopefully, it will inspire you to actually do something tangible with your favorite pictures. Why not take some of your best work and display it proudly in your living room or office? CanvasPop offers canvas prints of Instagram pictures in 12-by-12-inch and 18-by-18-inch sizes with an option to include framing.

Pricing varies, but there's almost always a promotion or coupon code that can be applied for savings, Look around and you'll likely find something to slash the price by some 30 to 50 percent, The CanvasPop team will send a digital proof via email before printing iphone 5 cases target anything out so you'll have a chance to see exactly what the finished product look like, And, if you're not entirely happy with the print, you can get a reprint or your money back, Moreover, each print comes with a lifetime guarantee against cracking and fading..

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