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Battery life continues to be a major problem in today's gadgets. Apple is hoping to address the issue in iOS 9 with a low-power mode. When enabled, Apple claims that battery life will be extended by up to 3 hours. Battery saving features are nothing new for Android users. Almost all recent Android devices from HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG and others include some sort of battery saving features. Samsung's device even include an ultra power-saving mode that can extend a device for up to 12 days. It wasn't until the release of Android 5.0 Lollipop , though, that Google included a native battery saver in stock Android.

Didn't catch Apple's conference? We've distilled the two-hour keynote into five top moments, from iOS 9 updates to Apple Music, You can also check out our complete coverage here, Déjà vu: Many of the features Apple announced in iOS 9 have been available on Google's mobile operating system for quite some iphone 5 cases canada time, The details are in on Apple's next version of its iOS mobile operating, Apple unveiled iOS 9 at its Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco on Monday, They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and that appears to be true for Apple's so-called "new features," many of which have been available on Android for years..

Wondering what new features Apple has in store for the Watch? Here are the highlights of what's coming this fall with Watch OS 2. Tim Cook: “We’re really excited to have Apple Watch out in the world. We can’t wait to see what developers will do with Watch OS.”. Kevin Lynch telling the audience about Watch OS 2. Native apps are coming to Apple Watch with the new version of Watch OS. New features fall into six buckets: Timepiece, Communication, Workout, Apple Pay, Maps and Siri. Some new Watch faces are coming soon, including Photo Face.

"You can pick an album, and a photo from that album will appear every time iphone 5 cases canada you raise your wrist.""When you turn the Digital Crown, Time Travel lets you see things like upcoming events and temperatures"Apple says you can go forward and back up to 72 hours, "When Apple Watch is on its side and charging, it automatically goes into Nightstand mode.""You can have multiple screens for friends and even add new people right from your watch.""You can use multiple colors to draw and send more colorful sketches."You'll soon be able to reply to emails directly from your wrist with smart replies, emoji and dictation..

Answering a FaceTime call (you'll get audio but no video). "Watch OS 2 lets you see information from third-party apps on your watch face.""You can use Siri to start and end workouts, like a bike ride or a 30-minute outdoor run."You can even earn virtual medals as "achievements."..with your name on the back. "All the new features of Apple Pay are also available on Apple Watch."The new Transit features from Apple Maps will be available on the Watch. "Use the Transit feature in Maps to see public transportation routes and directions right on your wrist."You'll be able to use Siri to give you directions.

You can use iphone 5 cases canada Siri to interface with smart home features (such as lighting), "You can use Siri to show Glances for apps, like the Instagram glance."As noted, third-party apps will be able to run natively on the Watch and not via the iPhone, The Watch will be able to run independently from your iPhone by using a Wi-Fi connection to access info, Developers will get access to the Watch's microphone, Developers will have access to the Watch's speaker, Video will run natively on the Watch, Developers will have access to HealthKit..

"With HomeKit, you can directly control lights and other things in your home from Apple Watch apps."Developers will have access to the Accelerometer. Developers will also have access to the Taptic Engine. Developers will get access to the Watch's Digital Crown, too. More remote control applications for the Watch. Controlling a home's temperature using the Digital Crown. Watching a Vine video on the Watch. "Watch OS 2 will be available as a free update this fall, and will work on every Apple Watch.".

Jennifer Bailey, Apple's vice president of Apple Pay, took the spotlight to explain what's new for the mobile payments system, Bailey, who joined Apple in 2003, headed the company's global online stores until 2014, when she became head of Apple Pay, according to her LinkedIn profile, Susan Prescott, a vice president of product marketing, described Apple's News app, She also joined Apple in 2003, Their appearances are striking for two reasons, First, until Monday only two women had spoken during a WWDC keynote since 2007 -- and none of them worked at Apple, (Stephanie Morgan and a male colleague talked about their StarDefense gaming app in 2009, Jen Herman from Zynga spoke at WWDC in 2010.) And iphone 5 cases canada second, Apple CEO Tim Cook has made a point of saying Apple will be a "better company" by being more diverse, "I think the most diverse group will produce the best product," Cook told Mashable on Sunday, "I firmly believe that."Diversity is "the future of our company," Cook added..

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