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It wasn’t immediately clear when Toyota will be able to start producing those additional cars. A Beijing-based Toyota spokesman declined to comment. The Tianjin facilities, which produces cars such as the Toyota Corolla and Vios cars, are owned and operated by one of Toyota’s joint ventures in China. The venture with FAW Group Corp [SASACJ.UL] in Tianjin plans to invest 1.76 billion yuan ($257 million) for the expansion, according to the two Tianjin websites. China is sometimes a market difficult to operate for Japanese companies because of historical reasons.

In 2012, cars sold by Toyota and other Japanese automakers were battered when protests erupted across China after diplomatic hugo boss cufflinks nordstrom spats over disputed islets known as Diaoyu in China and Senkaku in Japan, Since then, Toyota has emphasized steady growth rather than taking on risky expansion projects, According to the four sources, Toyota’s attitude toward China began changing markedly after an official visit to Japan by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in May, During the visit, Li toured Toyota’s facilities on the northern island of Hokkaido, and was escorted by Toyota’s family scion and chief executive Akio Toyoda..

Toyoda has since sought to boost his company’s presence in China, a vision that had culminated in an active effort to identify specific ways to do just that, according to the four sources. They said aside from boosting capacity, Toyota is also looking at the possibility to significantly expand its distribution networks for the mainstream Toyota and premium Lexus brands. It wasn’t immediately clear how significant a distribution network expansion Toyota is planning for both brands. Currently, Toyota has more than 1,300 stores for the Toyota brand and nearly 190 for its Lexus luxury cars.

The timing for the China expansion couldn’t be better, Earlier this year, Toyota was able to finally launch a couple of much anticipated, potentially high-volume subcompact sport-utility vehicles (SUVs) - two China-market versions of the hugo boss cufflinks nordstrom Toyota C-HR crossover SUV which hit showrooms in the United States last year, The C-HR variants are relatively small crossover SUVs that other manufacturers, most notably Japan’s Honda Motor Co, have leveraged to grow sales rapidly and sell more cars in China than its much bigger rival Toyota, Honda sold 1.44 million vehicles in China last year..

Lexus is also deemed likely to benefit from a windfall from growing trade tensions between China and the United States. In retaliation for U.S. trade actions, China raised tariffs on automobiles imported from the United States in early July to 40 percent, which, among other things, has forced Tesla Inc, BMW, as well as Daimler AG’s Mercedes-Benz to raise prices on certain U.S.-built vehicles, such as the hot-selling BMW X5 and X6 crossover sport-utility vehicles. One likely consequence for those brands is a sales fall, a profit squeeze, or both.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S, entrepreneur and cryptocurrency investor Michael Terpin filed a $224 million lawsuit on Wednesday against telecommunications company AT&T (T.N), accusing it of fraud and gross negligence in connection with the theft of digital currency tokens from his personal account, In a 69-page complaint filed with the U.S, District Court in Los Angeles, Terpin alleged that on January 7, 2018, the tokens were stolen from him through what he alleged was a “digital identity hugo boss cufflinks nordstrom theft” of his cellphone account, In the complaint, he said AT&T was his service provider..

In an emailed response, an AT&T spokesman said: “We dispute these allegations and look forward to presenting our case in court.”. At the time of the theft, the three million stolen tokens were worth $23.8 million, the complaint said. Terpin is also seeking $200 million in punitive damages. The complaint said that AT&T had been previously contacted by law enforcement authorities about such frauds. Cryptocurrencies have a market capitalization of about $200 billion, according to data from virtual coin tracker Nine years after bitcoin came into existence, the market has seen the emergence of more than 1,800 digital currencies.

Terpin, represented by Los Angeles litigation firm Greenberg Glusker, claimed in the lawsuit that after the theft of the digital currency, his cellphone account was transferred to an international criminal gang, Terpin co-founded the first angel group for bitcoin investors, BitAngels, in early 2013, and the first digital currency fund, the BitAngels/Dapps Fund, in March 2014, He is a senior advisor to Alphabit Fund, one of the world’s largest hugo boss cufflinks nordstrom digital currency hedge funds, The complaint claimed that the theft of the tokens occurred through what is called a SIM swap fraud, SIM stands for subscriber identification module, and SIM cards are used to authenticate subscribers on mobile phones..

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