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On top of that, many of this year's newest devices were viewed as "incremental at best," said Dawson. Sure, the new smartphones offer better cameras, more storage and handy features like fingerprint sensors. But none of the upgrades have been significant enough to justify an immediate upgrade. It's now up to the world's smartphone vendors to figure out what they have to do to once again produce the hot devices consumers all want -- and want it now. Samsung is just the latest smartphone vendor to offer bad news as demand slows around the world.

The Star Trek Shop describes it as "the most accurate replica ever made." It was created by The Wand Company (makers of a magic-wand remote control) using 3D scans of an original prop, It pairs to your smartphone through Bluetooth and includes authentic sound effects so you can reenact your favorite pleasure-planet remote communication scenes, evo 9 iphone case You won't be able to call Scotty unless you happen to have Simon Pegg's number, but you'll be able to talk with anyone else on your smartphone contact list..

The communicator is crafted from metal, machined aluminum and textured ABS plastic to give it both heft and an authenticate look. It comes with a magnetic wireless charging stand so you can show it off when it's not in use. The speaker is supposed to be good enough to play streaming music, so cue up your MP3 of Leonard Nimoy singing "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins."Preorders are open at the Star Trek Shop, though it won't ship until January 2016. Getting kitted up like a Starfleet officer comes at a bit of a price. The communicator sells for $149.95 (about £97, AU$202). UK fans can preorder the communicator from exclusive retailer Firebox for £119.95 with shipping included. Unfortunately, the Star Trek Shop and Firebox don't accept payment in tribbles, but we can still expect plenty of fans to sport these at conventions next year.

Bluetooth me up, Scotty, An original series "Star Trek" communicator smartphone handset will make you feel like you're exploring strange new worlds, As a young impressionable "Star Trek" fan, I dreamed of having a communicator of my very own, I imagined evo 9 iphone case flipping it open, hearing that iconic sound and requesting a beam-up to the Enterprise, The closest I ever got was making one out of Lego, It took a long time, but my dream will be partially realized with the debut of the "Star Trek" original series Communicator Bluetooth Handset..

In wearables, it's all about that face. Huawei embraces the trend of emulating a classic watch, giving this Honor Band Zero a circular, thickly bezeled touchscreen on a buckled, plastic strap. Like the Apple Watch , the Honor Band Zero comes in two sizes (small and large), and varies the routine with three colors, in this case white, dark gray and pale gold. It looks a lot like the Misfit Shine , but with a touchscreen, OLED face. The wearable meets military specification IP68 for resistance to water and dust, a must for any wrist-worn gadget you're bound to splash with water or dunk into the sink. In this case, Huawei promises protection for down to 10 meters, which is almost 33 feet. In contrast, most water-resistant smartphones are rated to hold out down to 1 meter of water, or 3 feet.

How about that all-important battery life? This 70mAh ticker can take you as long as four days on a single charge, with a standby time of up to 14 days, Like typical smart devices, the Honor Band Zero connects to your Android or iOS phone through Bluetooth, You'll manage the device -- and sync the time -- through evo 9 iphone case a free mobile app, If you've got a Huawei phone, the Honor Band Zero works with Android 5.0 and up; on other Android phones you only need Android 4.4 or higher, The software also supports iOS 7 and up, making the wearable a cross-platform device..

Tracking your fitness and monitoring your sleep are this wearable's main (and common) functions. It'll also track your calorie consumption and count your steps, find your phone (being in Bluetooth range helps) and manage alarms. Interestingly, iPhone users get the additional functions of being able to trigger photos remotely and silence incoming calls. While you will be able to view incoming calls and reminders, the Honor Zero Band won't serve as a communications hub on your wrist for reading and responding to calls, texts and social-network updates.

It does, however, support gestures to light up the screen by wiggling your wrist or evo 9 iphone case raising it up, The Honor Band Zero has been announced for China and Europe, where it will go on sale towards the end of the year for 79 euros or £59, There's no word on US or Australian launches yet, but the UK price converts to $90 or AU$130, If it does eventually make its way to the US, it will join the rectangular Huawei TalkBand B2 , a wearable with similar functions and a built-in Bluetooth earpiece, Editor's note September 1: Added UK and European prices..

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