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Apple and Samsung have long been duking it out for the title of king of the smartphone market. Over the past few years, Samsung has more often than not won the title each quarter. Apple emerged the leader in the final quarter of 2014 based on strong sales of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, according to research firm Gartner. But Samsung quickly regained its No. 1 spot the following quarter, according to fellow researcher Strategy Analytics. Despite Samsung's declining market share, the company has still built up enough of a solid portfolio to keep it at the top of the smartphone pack.

Samung ran into e cig iphone case trouble with its new Galaxy S6 Edge, with supply unable to keep up with demand, IDC said, But the company's older Galaxy class phones sold "briskly" as a result of the steep discounts and sales promotions unveiled last quarter, Though still in second place, Apple did well last quarter, scoring its biggest fiscal third quarter ever with sales of 47.5 million iPhones, The iPhone dominated in China, buoyed by demand for the big-screen iPhone 6 lineup and the growing expansion of 4G networks in the country, IDC said..

Chinese vendors Huawei and Xiaomi took third and fourth place, respectively, as both continue to eat up more market share and generate higher sales. Huawei saw its market share jump to 8.9 percent last quarter, compared with 6.7 percent the same quarter last year, a surge of 48.1 percent. The company benefited from strong sales of its mid-range and high-end phones both in its own country as well as across Europe. Huawei's challenge now is to see if it can replicate that same demand in the United States where it launched its $250 P8 Lite phone last quarter.

Xiaomi also did well in its native country with both premium and entry-level phones, such as the Mi Note and Redmi 2, The company's market share last quarter rose to 5.3 percent from 4.6 percent, while shipments increased to 17.9 million from 13.8 million, Already entrenched in India and Southeast Asia with strong smartphone sales, the company's next goal is to move beyond the Asia/Pacific region, with Brazil first in line, according to IDC, Finally, China-based Lenovo took fifth place as it competed with Huawei and Xiaomi for market share at home, The company continued to do well in India and other emerging markets with e cig iphone case its entry-level and mid-range phones, And its Motorola lineup, which Lenovo purchased last year, has fared well in America and Europe..

Overall, smartphone vendors shipped 337.2 million units last quarter, a gain of 11.6 percent from the 302.1 million units shipped in 2014's second quarter. That boost gave the quarter the second-highest quarterly total on record. "The overall growth of the smartphone market was not only driven by the success of premium flagship devices from Samsung, Apple, and others, but more importantly by the abundance of affordable handsets that continue to drive shipments in many key markets," IDC research manager Anthony Scarsella said in a statement. "Although premium handsets sold briskly in developed markets, it was emerging markets, supported by local vendors, driving the momentum that heavily contributed to the second-highest quarter of shipments on record."Although its market share fell last quarter while Apple's share rose, Samsung retains the crown for the world's leading smartphone vendor, says research firm IDC.

Wait, that's not actually true, Selfie-takers imagine that every object -- animate or not -- wants to be included in their egotistical memento, What they don't imagine is that, say, animals e cig iphone case aren't necessarily keen, My evidence is an Associated Press report on Wednesday announcing a 43-year-old Mississippi woman's attempts to take a selfie with a bison in Yellowstone National Park, It seems that the woman may have come a little too close -- within about six yards -- and turned her back on the beast, It attacked her and her daughter, Even though they ran, the bison did too and tossed her head over heels with its head..

A Yellowstone spokeswoman told me that the woman only received "minor injuries."A park spokeswoman told the AP: "The (woman) said they knew they were doing something wrong but thought it was OK because other people were nearby."The logic in that sentence seems to lack, well, sufficient logic. The spokeswoman told me: "Bison, and all wild animals, demand our respect. Legally, in Yellowstone NP, people must stay at least 25 yards away from large animals and not approach them, regardless of how tame or docile they appear. Bison are large, swift and powerful animals. They are unpredictable and can be dangerous. It is up to us to alter our plans, leave an area, or back off to give them additional space."Yellowstone warns visitors that the 25-yard limit applies not only to bison, but also elk and moose. Humans should keep 100 yards away from bears and wolves.

Of course, this bison wasn't the first animal to be subjected to the modern scourge of the selfie-obsessed, In New York, for example, they've introduced a bill to prevent people from taking selfies with tigers, The Russian government recently issued a guidebook that suggested that people really shouldn't take selfies with wild animals, (It also suggested people shouldn't take selfies on top of trains.), Some e cig iphone case people, though, cannot help themselves, Or, rather, they think they will always help themselves by taking pictures of themselves with anything they see..

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