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Monthly Sunday Sangha for mindful eating, drinking, and living. March 1, 2-4 pm. Guided meditation, walking meditation, Restorative Yoga, mindful food. March 29, April 26, May 24, June 28, July 26, August 23, September 27, October 25, November 29, and December 27. Ocean Yoga, Eureka Square $25.00/workshop. Antolino Family Wellness Center — is a non-profit dedicated to the wellness of family and community. For more information on our programs please contact us at 898-8134 or visit us online at

Here’s the story’s synopsis, Jupiter, emperor of the best pointe shoes for inflexible feet sky and dad of the gods, husband to Juno, empress of all the heavens and mom of the gods, have their ups and down because Jupiter has made it a habit of falling for some mortal, At play start, he decides that the fair American mortal Helen will be his latest conquest which really sets his wife’s hair on fire, figuratively, and she heads to Earth to put the kibosh on it all, Premiered on Broadway in 1950, the two-act musical comedy has an original book by Dwight Taylor and Reginald Lawrence that needed tweaking from the start, hence the “unknownness” of it, But that tweaking has been done and ha-cha-cha-cha-cha..

Theater veteran Greg MacKellan adapted the play and placed the gods in the heavens, in Hollywood — because Jupiter has fallen for the unsuspecting and just married Hollywood movie star Helen Vance — and in the modern-day Greece countryside. The adapted story is brilliant and the Porter songs are fabulous. Top that with Sarah Lodick’s top notch, to the moon and back direction, a cast that is flying on the wings of gods, wowzer choreography and an orchestra that dishes out swinging bling — and ladies and gentlemen we’ve got a production that is out of this world.

Mercury, messenger to the gods (and like all the following gods, his mom and pops are the aforementioned couple), is played, brilliantly, frankly like a god by Mauricio Suarez, Suarez is funny, has a pretty tenor, is fleet-footed in dance and delivers comic timing like a pro, Deborah Joves plays Juno, aka mom with some serious power, and OMG times a bazillion, Joves is perfectly cast, She is commanding, she is hilarious, her facial expressions could stop a train or warm a fire and she can hand out a best pointe shoes for inflexible feet song on a silver platter..

Jennifer Gough expertly plays Hollywood movie star Helen Vance and her soprano is gorgeous, a discovery — the kind of voice that you will remember and search for in future concerts. Joseph Alvarado plays Art O’Malley, a Hollywood screenwriter and he is so relaxed in his movement on stage, and his tenor is so smooth that he brings to mind the incomparable Fred Astaire. Adam Claybaugh as Jupiter let his strong, tuneful baritone travel with ease throughout the theater as he also adeptly rolled out comedy and dance like a king. Sarah Velichko as Chloe Antanopolis, an American girl in Greece, was show stopping with her exquisite warm, clear soprano plus she can dance and do comedy. Laura Warner as syndicated gossip columnist Isadora St. John gave a phenomenal “elastic” performance. She can do it all — shoot out her lines like a fast-talking Hepburn, then move across the stage like a Broadway hoofer and then do the splits should the mood strike.

In smaller roles, yet both the owners of really lovely vocals and excellent stage best pointe shoes for inflexible feet charisma, were Cat Imperato as Venus, goddess of love, and Stephen Kanaski as Apollo, god of the sun and song, Adriana Martinez as Night, goddess of celestial night, gave the audience beautiful, flourishing lines of dance, weaving the story along like a breeze, So many “moments” in this — cast solos, duets and harmonies that settle on the heart, detailed choreography that deserves an ovation, an extraordinary orchestra, and silliness, miles and miles of silliness darting along bits of sexual speak that conjure up the ca-ching in “Some Like It Hot.” Buy yourself a ride to “Out Of This World.”..

Week 9 certainly proved emotional on “Dancing With the Stars,” and I can’t believe that Season 20 is almost over. On a positive note — dance fans, DWTS has been renewed by ABC for Season 21. Now on to tonight’s terpsichorean adventures — see, you also learn a big word here! Each of the couples had to perform an individual dance, plus the four judges each worked with a team on their dance style, song and “overall creative,” whatever that means. And the teams are so close in scores, a judge’s help might mean the difference. As of last week, the combined judges’ scores ranged from Rumer Willis and Val Chmerkovskiy, and Nastia Liukin and Sasha Farber/Derek Hough tied at 117 at the top, to Riker Lynch with Allison Holker only two points behind, to Noah Galloway with Sharna Burgess with 101 at the bottom.

Monday night started off great with an incredible, high-energy, best pointe shoes for inflexible feet bowling-themed routine by the pros, and Mark Ballas even rolled a strike down the dance floor/alley, Host Tom Bergeron said it was the only time all week that Mark had succeeded, Before they danced, each of the celebs were part of a lonnnnng, emotion-packed background package that had most viewers reaching for the tissues, In addition, as each pair headed backstage to receive their scores, members of their family were waiting to greet them, Adding his own surprise during his turn, Noah dropped to one knee to propose to his girlfriend, Jamie Boyd, who accepted, of course, to more cheers, tears and tissues..

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