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Currently there's no desktop application available, so streaming music on your computer means using a Web player. As someone who listens to music for a majority of their 9-to-5 desk job, I make heavy use of the navigation controls on the top row of my keyboard. Playing music through the browser didn't allow me to control the music via the keys, causing me to open the consistently minimized window to simply skip or pause a song. A minor inconvenience, but an inconvenience nonetheless. A sucker for sleek aesthetics, I found the simplicity of the Tidal Android app enticing. However, its performance quickly turned me against it. One of the biggest deal breakers was the consistent bugginess of the app. Crashing and freezing (sometimes both) was the performance status quo. If I used the app for more than an hour with no problems, I was shocked and mildly impressed.

A nice addition to the Tidal app is the built-in audio search, similar to Shazaam and Soundhound, I often use the latter apps to discover new music, but Tidal's version didn't work nearly as well as them, Troubleshooting support with Tidal is also abysmal, Not that Spotify is best iphone screen protector 6s any better, however Tidal is so new, not even smart strangers on Internet forums have quick fixes for performance problems, Tidal's execution lacks the finesse necessary to keep new users away from veteran services like Spotify and Pandora, No amount of exclusive content is persuasive if basic functionality is severely lacking..

I cancelled my Tidal subscription after one month. I didn't receive a call from Jay Z, but I did get a pair of emails which proclaimed Tidal was sorry to see me go. The messages also divulged why I should stay, and one curiously inquired if I had made a mistake and accidentally unsubscribed. It felt like a string of emails from an ex who's in denial. I wholeheartedly believe in compensating artists for their work and I approve of Tidal's goal. Putting money back into the hands of creators is a commendable effort, however, masquerading the for-profit streaming service as a social movement about supporting the arts is ridiculous.

At the end of the day, I am a consumer not a philanthropist, and I want the service I pay for to meet my expectations -- or at least the standards set by its competition, best iphone screen protector 6s Due to my lackluster experience trying out Tidal, I'm sticking with Spotify for now, not out of loyalty, but because it's currently the best streaming service for my needs, Look for CNET's full review of Tidal soon, Commentary: Unless you're in an elevator, I don't think music should be free, I gave streaming music service Tidal a spin to see if its musician-centric business model could replace my Spotify subscription..

To get you started, Google has created a GIF (seen above) that displays how to create your first collection (from the Android perspective). The steps on the Web are just as simple: click on Home menu in the upper left-hand corner, choose Collections, then click the Create a collection button. Fill out the name, set the visibility permission, then click Create. When the collection page loads, click Customize to change the header image and page accent color. Now you're set to start making and organizing your collections on Google+. Have another tip for this new feature? Share it in the comments below.

Ready to check out Google+'s new Collections feature? Here's how to start your best iphone screen protector 6s own, and a few tips to help you understand how they work, Google+ Collections allows users to start categorizing their posts, photos, and videos by topic, Collections differ from Pages or Communities, in that you are the only person modifying the content, and the posts will appear in your profile stream for followers, This feature is currently available for the Web, Android, and iOS, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Nexpaq, a Kickstarted campaign, lets you power up your phone with battery packs and microSD card readers. You can also up the capacity with 32GB and 64GB flash storage. An air-quality sensor, breath analyzer, or laser pointer are examples of other tools you can add. The point is that, just like Project Ara, you can pick and choose the modules, accessing their respective functions through the Nexpaq mobile app. This Nexpaq case lets you mix and match any six modules at a time, opening up the door to constantly changing functionality. Since they're hot-swappable (just like Ara), the components can be inserted and removed without powering down the smartphone.

All cases include a 1,000mAh battery on-board, which should add roughly 30 to 50 percent more life to your smartphone, In a bit of cross-platform love, the individual modules can work in either iOS or Android handsets, Should you ever switch from one mobile OS to the other, you'll have to buy a new case, but you can still hold on to best iphone screen protector 6s the same pieces, Nexpaq modules include, The project is already funded, but new Nexpaq backers can score a case and four basic modules for $109, For your money you'll receive the battery, speaker, hardware buttons, and an SD card reader..

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