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In fact, none of the attachments are particularly small, but because they're at least removable the Studio is a more compact option than something like the iOgrapher (though that case has its own advantages). Olloclip is aiming for $100,000 in Kickstarter pledges by August 1 to get the Studio into production. Pledging $35 gets you a case for the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus with a kickstand clip, but bringing it up to a $60 pledge will get you the case and the full accessory package, with two cold shoes and the two tripod mounts as well as the finger grip. The prices convert to about £25 or AU$50 for the case alone and £40 or AU$80 for the case and accessories.

In a tweet posted late Monday, Apple Senior Vice President Eddy Cue said: "We are working to have Home at&t iphone cases 6s Sharing in iOS 9." Cue's tweet was in response to a Twitter user who said: "I hope I don't have to be @taylorswift13 to get you to restore Home Sharing for music!"Home Sharing is a feature that lets you share your central iTunes library across your home network with other devices, You can stream music and videos to other computers, to an Apple TV and to iOS devices, But Apple got an inkling of just how popular the feature is when it disabled the ability to share music with iOS devices a week ago with the release of iOS 8.4, and users started complaining, Home Sharing is an attractive feature because it allows you to maintain your entire iTunes library on just one single computer and then share that with all your other devices, eliminating the need for multiple iTunes libraries..

At this point, you can still use Home Sharing to share your library from one computer to another as well as to an Apple TV. And you can still share videos to your iOS devices. It's only music that you can no longer share to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. In the release notes to the iOS 8.4 beta, Home Sharing was listed under known issues as "not currently available," AppleInsider said last week. That was considered a sign that the feature might return at some point. But why would Apple disable Home Sharing in the first place, albeit temporarily?.

One reason may be that the company is trying to persuade people to sign up for Apple Music's $14.99 family plan, which lets up to six users access an entire library of iTunes music, Another reason may be related to licensing issues, Apple may not have the rights to let you share music acquired through Apple Music via Home Sharing, 9to5Mac has suggested, If that's the case, then the company may be working to resolve that legal conundrum, For now, those of you who at&t iphone cases 6s want to access your iTunes library across all of your devices can either sign up for Apple Music's family plan or tap into iCloud, And with iCloud, you have two options -- iTunes Match or iCloud Music Library, For the cost of $24.99 a year, iTunes Match gives you the ability to access a copy of your iTunes library stored in the cloud, iCloud Music Library, which requires an Apple Music subscription, does virtually the same thing but adds the ability to listen to your music offline..

However, you may want to hold off on iCloud Music Library for the time being. Users have reported problems with the service, specifically saying that iCloud Music Library is applying the wrong album art to certain albums, removing playlists and moving songs to the wrong albums. An Apple spokeswoman said the company has nothing further to add beyond Cue's tweet. Update, 2 p.m. PT: Adds comment from Apple. (Via AppleInsider). Killed off in iOS 8.4, the feature that lets you share your iTunes music with your iOS devices should return in iOS 9.

We're also thinking about how you can use today's at&t iphone cases 6s tech to enjoy the summer, Chances are, the word "summer" conjures up images of you getting into better shape, spending more time with your friends and family, and just kicking back with a good (e-)book, Whatever you're interested in, summer is a great time for you to focus on you, If you're looking to get fit, consider the new wearables -- including shirts, hats, socks and pants -- that help you track distances, monitor your workout intensity and measure your vitals, There's even an infant onesie designed to give you peace of mind as it checks your baby's sleep patterns, We also dive deep into the science and technology of health and fitness, with suggestions on how to turn a smartwatch into a better workout coach and an examination of the astounding artificial body parts being built by ambitious young companies..

Looking for a new twist on fun? Then consider a night out with friends playing classic video and board games. It's Pokemon meets F-Zero and the Settlers of Catan in a wonderfully weird mashup of retro games. Or maybe you'd prefer some DIY fun? We introduce you to a website that helps you learn to build bouncy water blobs for the kids or mix the perfect summer cocktail. Perhaps you'd like some inspiration to help you get moving. Lindsey Vonn, the most successful American skier in history, shares how she uses tech year-round to improve her health and fitness, adjust her training and prepare for the challenge of carving the slopes in winter.

So kick back, relax and power up for summer, In the third edition of our quarterly magazine, we look at how you can spend your summer getting fit and having fun, And to celebrate 20 years of covering tech, CNET highlights the most notable people, companies and gear that changed our world, Since 1995, CNET at&t iphone cases 6s has watched as slow and expensive personal computers connected to (slow and expensive) dot-matrix printers gave way to wicked-fast laptops, Wi-Fi networks and smartphones -- putting everyone just a touchscreen away from the Internet, We live today in a hyperconnected world..

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